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Business Services

At The Korda Law Firm we provide businesses with thorough and focused attention to a wide variety of immigration matters.  We are able to provide our business clients with personalized service that is structured to achieve the best results in a strategic and expeditious manner. At The Korda Law Firm, our clients receive the following benefits as part of our representation:

Advanced Technology

At The Korda Law Firm, we utilize the latest technology to assist businesses in bringing foreign nationals to work in the United States quickly and efficiently. Our clients are able to easily access information concerning the status of their cases, and are thereby able to remain informed throughout the immigration process.

Attention to Detail

The process for bringing foreign nationals to the United States is complex. When we commit to a matter, we take the time to thoroughly explain the application process and answer all of our clients’ questions or concerns. We know that one mistake or wrong step could significantly delay the application process. Accordingly, our experience with and our knowledge of a litany of business immigration issues allows us to ensure that every petition is diligently prepared and thoroughly analyzed.

Customer Relationships

Our number one priority is to provide our clients with an unparalleled level of dedication, hard work, and accessibility. We aim to make the application process a smooth and efficient one. We provide our clients with extensive resources, sound legal advice, personal attention, and professional guidance.

Full Service Representation

At The Korda Law Firm, we handle the full scope of business related immigration matters.  Whether you or your business require an H1B, H2B, E1, E2, EB-5, L, R, TN, O/P, or other business related visa, our team will provide comprehensive services from beginning to end to facilitate the immigration process and allow the business to focus on growth and management instead of immigration problems.

First Hand Experience

At The Korda Law Firm, we are uniquely placed to provide an insight into the immigration process. Anthony Korda personally became a permanent resident and later obtained his US Citizenship through the EB5 visa.

Therefore, we strongly believe in and understand the benefits and opportunities that the immigration process brings to both employers and their employees. That’s why we provide immigration business services to businesses throughout California, Florida, the United States, and the world.

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