Business Visas

At The Korda Law Firm, we are uniquely placed to provide an insight into the immigration process. Anthony Korda personally became a permanent resident and later obtained his US Citizenship through the EB5 visa. Therefore, we strongly believe in and understand the benefits and opportunities that the immigration process brings to both employers and their employees. That’s why we provide immigration business services to businesses throughout California, Florida, the United States, and the world.

Business Visas

  • B1 Visas-Temporary Business Visitor Visas
  • H1B Visas- Professionals in Specialty Occupations and Fashion Models
  • H2B Visas- Seasonal Non-Agricultural Workers
  • L Visas- Intra Company Transfers
  • O Visas- Persons of Extraordinary Ability
  • P Visas- Professional Artists, Athletes, and Entertainers
  • R Visas- Religious Workers
  • TN Visas – for Canadian and Mexican nationals
  • E1/ E2 – Treaty Trader / Treaty Investor
  • EB-5 Visa – Green Card by investment

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